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The influence of coaching interactions on early childhood educators’ learning

Catriona Elek. Supervisors: A/Prof Jane Page and A/Prof Tricia Eadie

Implementing Inclusive Education in Early Childhood Settings

Olivia Penna. Supervisors: Prof Tricia Eadie, Prof Lorraine Graham & A/Prof Jane  Page

Connecting policy and parents in the early childhood education and care sector

Phyllis Jackson. Supervisors: A/Prof Jane Page and Dr Di Mulchavy

The perceptions and experiences of professionals in the early childhood sector regarding ways in which professional reading has supported them to engage with evidence-based practices to improve learning, development and wellbeing outcomes for young children

Jackie Brien. Supervisors: A/Prof Jane Page and Dr Jeanette Berman

Research interest: Looking at effective teaching practices in kindergarten classrooms in low and middle income countries.

Adeola Monty. Supervisors: Prof Janet Clinton, A/Prof Jane Page and Dr Rhonda di Biase

Young children making meaning through co-creating art installations.

Jo Dean. Supervisors: Dr Marnee Watkins and Dr Robert Brown

Pedagogical leadership in Australian early childhood education and care: Exploring relationality through human and more-than-human encounters.

Rachael Keating. Supervisors: A/Prof Jane Page, Dr Sonja Arndt, Dr Penny Levickis

Teacher Self-Efficacy in Developing Effective Partnerships With Families: Perspectives of In-Service Early Childhood Teachers in Long Day Care Settings

Shihuan Wang. Supervisors: Prof Patricia Eadie, Dr Penny Levickis