Current projects

Recent projects

Global Childhoods: Life-worlds and Educational Success in Australia and Asia

This project investigates how everyday life-worlds of Year 4 students (9-10 years of age) in Australia, Hong Kong and Singapore shape children’s orientations to educational success. Situated in the global cities of Melbourne, Hong Kong and Singapore, the study explores connections between policy contexts, school experiences and everyday activities of children growing up in the Asian Century. Findings will advance knowledge of factors that contribute to children’s understandings of how their experiences in and out of school prepare them for futures in a global world. This will enable policy-makers, educators and parents to provide improved learning opportunities in children’s lives. Australia’s capacity to maintain a strong position in the global economy depends upon its ability to learn from and share knowledge with its regional neighbours. This research impacts Australia’s knowledge of educational and cultural practices in four major global cities, producing social and economic benefits for Australia’s future.

Student projects

The influence of coaching interactions on early childhood educators’ learning

Catriona Elek. Supervisors: A/Prof Jane Page and A/Prof Tricia Eadie

Implementing Inclusive Education in Early Childhood Settings

Olivia Penna. Supervisors: Prof Tricia Eadie, Prof Lorraine Graham & A/Prof Jane  Page

Enacting the Northern Territory Preschool Science Games: Supporting Teacher Practice in Early Childhood Science Education.

Cristina Guarella. Supervisors: Professor Jan van Driel and Associate Professor Caroline Cohrssen

Counter narratives from the field: the lived experiences of early childhood educators of colour.

Claudia Lam. Supervisor: A/Prof Kylie Smith

Connecting policy and parents in the early childhood education and care sector

Phyllis Jackson. Supervisors: A/Prof Jane Page and Dr Di Mulchavy

The perceptions and experiences of professionals in the early childhood sector regarding ways in which professional reading has supported them to engage with evidence-based practices to improve learning, development and wellbeing outcomes for young children

Jackie Brien. Supervisors: A/Prof Jane Page and Dr Jeanette Berman

Early Years Learning in a Remote Kimberley Community

Carolyn Pickett. Supervisors: A/Prof Jane Page and Dr Sue Mentha

Research interest: Looking at effective teaching practices in kindergarten classrooms in low and middle income countries.

Adeola Monty. Supervisors: Prof Janet Clinton, A/Prof Jane Page and Dr Rhonda di Biase

Young children making meaning through co-creating art installations.

Jo Dean. Supervisors: Dr Marnee Watkins and Dr Robert Brown