S4E4: New Assessments: Acknowledging Student Success

A new research project, New Metrics for Success, works with schools across Australia to develop new ways of assessing school students. These new ways assess the general capabilities and skills of students including communication, collaboration, and critical and creative thinking. By assessing these capabilities we broaden our understanding of students’ abilities and expand the opportunities for students to achieve their work and study ambitions.

Professor Jim Watterston, Dean of the Melbourne School of Education, discusses the development of these new assessment tools with Professor Sandra Milligan, Director of the Assessment Research Centre at the University of Melbourne. He also speaks to the Principal of the Hunter Sports High School in NSW, whose school is participating in the New Metrics research project, about what these new assessments look like on the ground in a school.

Presenter: Genevieve Costigan

Guest speakers:

  • Professor Jim Watterston, Dean, Melbourne Graduate School of Education, University of Melbourne
  • Professor Sandra Milligan, Director, Assessment Research Centre
  • Rachel Byrne, Principal, Hunter Sports High School, NSW

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