Further reading

Episode 2

AI in the classroom: friend or foe?

Artificial Intelligence for Assessment for Learning to Improve Learning and Teaching in 21st Century - Prof. Irina Engeness

AI means a rethink of teaching foreign languages - Prof. Yong Zhao

Univeristy Students are using AI, but not how you think - Dr Natasha Ziebell & Dr Jemma Skeat

The ABC of ChatGPT webinar series, presented by Melbourne Girls Grammar Institute

In Conversation with Professor Yong Zhao - Asia Education Foundation

AI and student wellbeing: New opportunities for assessment and learning

The rise of ChatGPT shows why we need a clearer approach to technology in schools - Professor Leslie Loble

Episode 3

Learning from her: celebrating indigenous women in education

Dream Big Education Wellbeing & Consulting - Kylie Captain

Rosie Paine Artwork: Rosie Made

An analysis of education academics? attitudes and preconceptions about Indigenous Knowledges in initial teacher education - A/Prof. Melitta Hogarth

Contested Citizenship Education in Settler Colonies on First Nations Land - A/Prof. Melitta Hogarth and Dr Sophie Rudolph

The budget makes glossy announcements on Indigenous education, but real change requires more than just money - The Conversation

Futures of Indigenous Education: Living in Right Relations - World Views in Education

Dean's Lecture Series - Prof Tracey Bunda on The Indigenous Call for Change: The Higher Ed Response