Season 7

Talking Teaching is a podcast series for and about teachers. We invite you to be part of a lively conversation about effective classroom practice and the latest in educational thinking.

Join our host, Dr Sophie Specjal, as we share interviews and stories from teachers, principals and leading thinkers across Australia and explore the most pressing topics in education.

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Episode #3 // Learning from her: celebrating indigenous women in education

We delve into the stories of three remarkable Indigenous women significantly impacting the educational landscape across Australia. From overcoming challenges to integrating Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures and knowledges into curriculums, our guests A/Prof Melitta Hogarth, Rosie Paine and Kylie Captain provide valuable lessons for anyone passionate about education.
Listeners gain insights into their families, experiences and the transformative work they are doing in their communities, highlighting the importance of Indigenous voices in shaping educational policies, practices, and outcomes.

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Episode #2 // AI in the classroom: friend or foe?

We de-mystify the question; is AI in the classroom a friend or a foe? As ChatGPT and DALL-E become mainstream, warnings in the media about this new technology are growing, including its impact on education and assessment. But AI also offers exciting opportunities for teachers and students.
Helping us explore this evolving conundrum and share the inspiring possibilities of AI and tips on how teachers can start exploring new tech in their classrooms is renowned educator and researcher in the impact of globalisation and technology on education, Professor Yong Zhao, as well as expert in self-regulation and classroom-based assessment, Professor Therese Hopfenbeck, and expert in digital learning and assessment technology, Lauren Sayer.

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Episode #1 // It's not a choice: the real issues behind school 'refusal'

We unravel the complex issues around school attendance. Why do kids refuse to go to school? What approaches work to support students going back to school? How do we support parents and teachers through this process?
We speak with A/Prof Lisa McKay Brown and A/Prof Glenn Melvin who share research and tools for schools. Plus, discover practical insights from teachers at Travencore School, Katie Archibald and Rebecca Plunkett on how they are improving school attendances.

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The views expressed in this podcast series are those of presenters and guests and are not necessarily endorsed by the University of Melbourne.

Producers: Genevieve Siggins and Podcast Services Australia