Educational Philosophy Research Hub

All research and teaching undertakings engage, explicitly or implicitly, with philosophical issues. This occurs through the need to comprehend theory and to theory-build.

Some theories can appear relatively simple, but their underlying assumptions will reach into significant philosophical questions that often go unnoticed.

This is not philosophy by itself, but philosophy as applied in education research to understand education issues.

It is a key aim of members of the Educational Philosophy Research Hub to raise and investigate questions that look beneath accepted norms of practice and theory.


In order to achieve this aim, the Educational Philosophy Research Hub operates by bringing together experts in collegial ways to:


Enable generation of high quality research project submissions that will attract interest and funding. This will be achieved via seminars and other forms of collegiality designed to bring researchers together to create shared goals.

Graduate Researchers

Enable identification of the needs of graduate researchers in relation to theory development, and instigation of means for addressing such needs via collegial undertakings such as seminars.

Teachers and Educators

Enable development of and ongoing support for Faculty of Education subjects that introduce theoretical concerns in education and showcase how these concerns may be translated into practice innovations that have impact in educational situations in and beyond the university.

Other Stakeholders

Enable contributions from education policy makers, administrators, parents, students, and others that support questioning, and responding to questioning, intended to impact current and future developments in education.

Meet our experts

Profile picture of John Quay

A/Prof John Quay

Associate Professor in Physical Education +61383448533
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Dr Sonja Arndt

Senior Lecturer, Early Childhood Education +61383445005
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Dr Maurizio Toscano

Senior Lecturer in Science Education