Mentor teacher

What do Mentor Teacher do?

Becoming a Mentor Teacher is a rewarding and important pathway for current teachers to share their knowledge and support the development of future teachers. Welcoming our Teacher Candidates into your classroom enables them to deepen their understanding of what it means to teach, as well as offering you insight into the current pedagogical practices, research and theories.  Being a mentor is also fantastic professional development for your own practice and career.

Support and resources for Mentor Teachers

MGSE has a highly proactive and responsive framework for supporting Mentor Teachers. Dedicated MGSE Clinical Specialists visit the school and are your first point of contact during the placement experience.

They are there to support you and the Teacher Candidate, offering guidance, reassurance and general support. We also have online resources to help you navigate the role of Mentor Teacher and what to expect from the partnership.

How to get involved

If you are interested in hosting a Teacher Candidate from MGSE, please let your Student Teacher Coordinator know. They can contact the team at MGSE by emailing who will begin the process of matching you with a suitable Teacher Candidate.