Master of Teaching partnership schools and centres

A unique partnership model

The Master of Teaching program is a unique partnership between the Melbourne Graduate School of Education (MGSE), Government, Catholic, and Independent schools across the secondary and primary sectors; early learning centres in the early childhood sector; and the institutes that govern each organisation.

Collaboration between the university and its partnership institutions is facilitated through local partnership groups established by our Partnership Coordinators. Central to this partnership is the role of the Teaching Fellow, located in nominated base schools and centres, who coordinate and support our teacher candidates throughout their practicum days, in collaboration with school/centre-based Mentor Teachers, and University-based Clinical Specialists.

Considering becoming a partnership school or centre?

A Teaching Fellow and a Clinical Specialist will offer a face to face support service for mentor / supervising teachers and teacher candidates throughout the program. The placement length also means teacher candidates get involved in school/centre life, and really contribute to the community. As graduates, teacher candidates often have rich life and career experiences behind them, making them valuable additions to your team.

Being a Master of Teaching partnership school or centre can also be a great way to recruit high quality graduate teachers. Because teacher candidates are in your school or centre two days a week for an extended period, you can truly assess whether they would make a good addition to your teaching team.

How do we work with schools and centres?

The Master of Teaching uses a clinical approach that connects university theory, professional knowledge and classroom experience. Teacher candidates are in early childhood centres or schools every week from early in their studies. They spend at least one or two semesters in a school or centre, becoming a part of that community.

Candidates and schools/centres receive expert support during placements from:

  • Teaching Fellows: expert teachers from the base school (the central school in a partnership school group) spend two and a half days per week mentoring candidates and supporting mentor / supervising teachers.
  • Clinical Specialists: university experts work closely with a Teaching Fellow and are on-site in schools one day per week to help link university theory and classroom practice.