Clinical teaching

Clinical teaching explained

Teaching is much more than information transmission and behaviour management. Excellent teachers focus on an individual student's learning growth, and clinical teaching enables them to do this by:

  • Monitoring and evaluating their impact on learning and adapting the lesson to meet the needs of each student – rather than expecting the student to keep up regardless of their circumstances.
  • Using evidence about what each student knows and understands at the start of the teaching period to inform their teaching interventions.
  • Targeting their assessment and teaching practices to maximise the information obtained about their impact and optimise the chances of improving student learning.
  • Constructing appropriate teaching and learning environments for every student, whatever their developmental stage and current abilities.
  • Continuously evaluating the impact of their teaching, to inform next steps.

Studying clinical teaching

The Melbourne Graduate School of Education offers various modes of clinical teaching integrated within our current degree structures:

Researching clinical teaching

Research is constantly informing our understanding of clinical teaching. Some of our major research projects and publications include: