Clinical Model of Education

Our evidence-based clinical model of education explained

Teaching is much more than information transmission and behaviour management. Excellent teachers can focus on each and every student's learning growth; and support their individual needs as they evolve over time. They can do this because they continually question their own teaching, in order to learn themselves. They do this by:

  • Critically monitoring the impact of their teaching on learning, and adapting to meet the needs of each and every student – rather than expecting students to keep up regardless of their circumstances
  • Collating and using evidence about what each student knows and understands to inform planning, including the design of teaching interventions
  • Constructing teaching and learning environments that consider every student, whatever their developmental stage and current ability
  • Continuously evaluating the impact of their teaching, to inform next steps and optimise the chances of improving student learning.

Studying teaching with an evidence-based clinical approach

Our unique clinical model of education is integrated into our degrees for all stages of a teaching career:

Researching and refining a clinical approach to education

Research is constantly informing our unique Clinical Model. Some of our major research projects and publications include: