Talking teaching: Katherine Henderson, Dr Geoff Masters and David Baker.

This month Talking Teaching looks at the power of school networks. In particular we talk to leaders from across the school sector who explain the value of coming together to exchange ideas at the University of Melbourne. University of Melbourne Network of Schools (UMNOS) founder Katherine Henderson is also featured and explains the link between this kind of collaboration and a lift in overall student achievement.

In addition, Talking Teaching interviews Dr Geoff Masters, CEO of the Australian Council for Education Research, who argues its time to move away from a structure whereby students are organised according to age or year level, to one based on the achievement of proficiencies. Dr Masters is now leading a thorough review of the NSW school system to ensure that it is compatible with the principles enshrined in the latest Gonski report.

Finally, David Baker tells Sophie Murphy, how his school, Gippsland Grammar, is already moving towards this approach and interrogating ways to move students from surface to deep learning.

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Russell Deer – Principal, Braemar College
Leann Guillon – Deputy Principal, Carey Grammar School
Katherine Henderson – Director, University of Melbourne Network of Schools
Dr Geoff Masters – CEO, Australian Council for Education Research
David Baker – Principal, Gippsland Grammar


Theme music by Gavin Nebauer.
Talking Teaching recorded and mixed by Gavin Nebauer at The Horwood Recording Studio, University of Melbourne.

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