Debate about the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on our schools, universities and most importantly on our students continues to rage.  With our educators now considered front line workers there is no better time to contemplate the future of education. But how do we steer education through this new world? What role can school communities, our education systems and universities play in forging a path forward?

Join us for a series of public webinars, designed to challenge how we think about education and help us plan for this new world. Each webinar will examine a key issue facing the sector with world renowned experts debating the merits of new and provocative ideas as they confront the challenges of education in a COVID-19 world.

All our panellists will appear in every episode as they discuss the challenges and solutions proposed by the featured expert. The series will run every Tuesday from 28 July until 18 August at 4pm.

The panellists will be joined by:

  • Professor Jim Watterston, Dean, Melbourne Graduate School of Education
  • Professor Janet Clinton, Deputy Dean, Melbourne Graduate School of Education.

Three early/mid-career researchers from the Melbourne Graduate School of Education, Dr Daniela Acquaro, Dr Melitta Hogarth and Dr Matthew Harrison, will also question these experts and the audience will be able to submit questions before and during the webinar.