Globally, education is ready for a paradigm shift.

It is now increasingly important to ensure that young people possess the skills, attributes, values and dispositions needed to thrive at school and beyond. Schools and systems require new metrics and credentials to power the transformation required for a modern education.

The problem: what is valued is not measured

Traditional assessment and recognition methods are no longer fit for purpose, defining education success too narrowly. They are unable to assess the vital foundational learning competencies that students need to thrive in an uncertain world.

The solution: next-generation assessment & credentialing

Melbourne Assessment provides next-generation research-based transformative assessment tools, credentials and services, empowering systems and schools to assess and credential the complex competencies learners need for life.

With our valued schools, industry and credentialing partners, Melbourne Assessment has developed new metrics to assess and credential the complex competencies that learners need to thrive now and in the future.

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Melbourne Assessment welcomes industry, authorities, systems and schools to partner with The University of Melbourne.

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