About the program

At the Melbourne Graduate School of Education (MGSE), we value and encourage exchange and mobility of ideas through staff and student movements nationally and internationally. Our Visiting Scholars Program provides a scholarly environment in which academics can engage in research, collaboration and professional development; to share and develop their work; and to contribute to the vibrant and engaged community of a world leading education graduate school.

Acceptance into the Visiting Scholars Program is competitive and places are limited in any given period. Visits normally last between four weeks and one semester (12–16 weeks) in duration, although a longer term may be approved in certain circumstances.

Visiting scholars are encouraged to participate in the academic life of MGSE including seminars and public lectures. Visiting scholars are not able to attend classes unless formally enrolled.


MGSE visiting scholars are chosen competitively on the basis of qualifications, quality of research proposal and relevance to MGSE's strategic directions.

When you apply, you must be a current employee of another academic institution or have an established reputation in the peer community. Your application will be assessed considering existing institutional linkages, relevance of proposal and availability of resources to support the visit.

This is not open to PhD or other graduate research students who wish to visit the Graduate School.


During your visit, you will be expected to contribute towards the enrichment of MGSE through:

  • at least one public presentation (seminar) of your academic work to the MGSE community
  • at least one guest lecture in MGSE's teaching programs
  • at least one professional development session for the professional community within your area of expertise
  • providing biographic information for promotional use and being available for media liaison regarding your research areas
  • consulting with graduate research students with shared theoretical framings
  • co-authoring academic publications with MGSE staff
  • acknowledging the Melbourne Graduate School of Education, the University of Melbourne, in any published work or presentation arising from research undertaken during your visit.

While finalising your visit, you will submit a brief report to the Associate Dean (International) outlining your activities and outcomes during the period of your stay. This report will be submitted within one month of the conclusion of your visit. A summary of this report may be published online by the Graduate School.