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Help us create endless opportunities for students, researchers and academics through a gift to the Melbourne Graduate School of Education.

How your gift makes a difference

The generous support of donors makes it possible for our students to fulfil their potential as the next generation of teachers and leaders in Education giving Australian children the opportunity to flourish and thrive.

What you can give to

Teachers of the Future Scholarship Fund

From a young age, we are influenced by teachers – the teachers who take on their responsibility to shape our behaviour and interests. We remember the truly great ones and appreciate how they change our lives.

Gifts to the Teachers of the Future Scholarship funds will support students undertaking the Masters of Teaching and make it possible for our most deserving and talented students to fulfil their dreams of becoming teachers regardless of their personal circumstances. Every gift regardless of size, is critical to developing an endowed fund. We invite you to be part of a wide community of giving, whose generosity ensures that future Australian school students will benefit for the skill and wisdom of great teachers.

Fund our research

Help us deliver groundbreaking research that will tackle the greatest problems facing society, through the establishment of research fellowships and endowed chairs. The Graduate School is home to 13 research centres and hubs. The establishment of an endowed chair can be one of the most effective mechanisms for stimulating research, for the long term benefit of the Education landscape and Research fellowships provide early career researchers opportunities to further develop and refine their skills and experience.

Play a role in changing the education landscape so that every child despite circumstances has the brightest future possible.

Highest Priorities

Gifts to support our Highest Priorities provide our Dean with the flexibility to use funds in a way that can most help and meet the changing needs of the Graduate School.

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Scholarships and Awards

Scholarships have the power to transform a student’s experience and opportunities for study and help enable the best and the brightest students to achieve their potential, regardless of their personal circumstances.

We welcome the chance to work with donors to create new scholarships and awards to benefit our students through annual gifts and endowments.

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Gifts in wills

Let your life and passion inspire students and researchers for generations to come by leaving a gift in your will. Making a gift in your will is a powerful way to support the Melbourne Graduate School of Education at a level that may not be possible during your lifetime.

Gifts to the Graduate School of Education can allow us to offer scholarships, bursaries and awards to allow the best and brightest students to achieve their potential, regardless of personal circumstances or background. To provide them with the best lecturers and teaching staff to challenge and inspire them, and to attract and retain world-leading researchers to deliver ground-breaking discoveries that will tackle the greatest problems facing society. And to provide the facilities our students and our researchers need to thrive and prosper in their work.

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If you would like to help us achieve great things for the next generation of Australian students, please get in touch and explore the many ways that you can give the Melbourne Graduate School of Education

For more information on how you can make a gift to the Graduate School of education contact Tracy Houston, Development Officer for the Graduate School.

Tracy Houston
Tel: +61 3 8344 3197