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Believe – the Campaign for the University of Melbourne is the most significant initiative of its kind undertaken by the University since its establishment in 1853.

Funds raised through the Campaign will assist the University to deliver the future for Melbourne to which we all aspire.

The funds raised will be targeted towards three priorities:

Educating Tomorrow's Leaders

Enable the best and brightest students to achieve their potential, regardless of their personal circumstances or background, through the provision of additional scholarships and awards.

Read about the scholarship established by former teacher Jenny Leaper.

Within the Melbourne Graduate School of Education, funds can be directed to supporting pre-service teachers, PhD students and other research students. Opportunities also exist for supporting rural and international teaching placements.

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Finding answers to the World's Grand Challenges

Deliver groundbreaking research that will tackle the greatest problems facing society, through research fellowships and endowed chairs.

Read about the creation of the Gerry Higgins Chair of Positive Psychology, thanks to support from John Higgins.

Within the Melbourne Graduate School of Education, funds can be directed to clinical teacher education and early childhood education and care (we have a number of studies in this field, including the national E4Kids project).

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Enriching our Communities

Strengthen links that will provide cultural, societal and economic benefits locally, nationally and globally, through improvements to our Indigenous programs, colleges, museums and campus facilities.

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There are many other options for making a gift to the Melbourne Graduate School of Education. For more information please contact Chris Harvey / (03) 9035 5781.