Teaching CLUes in university subjects

The pedagogical aspects of CLUes have been consistently taught in the physical education related subjects associated with initial teacher education, especially those associated with teaching at primary school levels.

Pre-service teachers in the Master of Teaching Primary course (and prior to 2008, the Bachelor of Education Primary and Bachelor of Early Childhood Education courses) have experienced CLUes through Creative PE, in their core subject covering Health and Physical Education. Prior to COVID-19, and for many years, this work was taught to pre-service teachers with classes and teachers in primary schools local to the university.

Pre-service teachers worked with children in a particular class over a period of around five weeks (a few hours per week) to undertake teaching of a reduced version of Creative PE.

Since COVID-19, this work has been undertaken with the participation of pre-service teachers only, in sessions conducted at the university’s sports centre.


This theoretical framing of CLUes has been taught across two Master of Education subjects, one called Educating for Knowing and Understanding, and the other called Teaching for Student Engagement. Across these two subjects, the material has been taught in the MEd for more than ten years, with the theoretical and pedagogical work benefitting greatly from the questions of students.

In these subjects the theoretical work is unpacked, leading to expression and application in unit planning. With every iteration of a subject, the thinking supporting CLUes progressed, informed by the critical questioning of students.

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