Early forays into developing a CLUes web-application

When teaching CLUes to pre-service and in-service teachers, it became clear that templates would support teachers in working through the various processes.

These were initially designed as word documents.

However these templates were relatively simplistic, and growing experience with the possibilities made available by web-based processes suggested that a web-application could support teachers.

Access to such an application would mean that teachers could improve their teaching practice through CLUes without having to start by grappling with the theoretical aspects.

This would enable many more teachers to play with CLUes, and in this way they could more slowly unpack the theoretical aspects, by seeking answers to questions when these questions were relevant to them.

Lacking the technical expertise to design a web-application, John Quay turned to colleagues in the School of Computing and Information Systems. Students in the Master of Software Engineering undertake projects where they work with external clients to design web-applications based on the specifications set by the client, and in doing so learn how to work with a client, as well as more about how to design software.

Over the years 2021 and 2022, John worked with staff and students in these subjects to co-design a CLUes web-application.

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