Singaporean Delegation Fosters Future Collaborations with AERC

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In a significant step towards fostering collaboration in the field of assessment and evaluation, a delegation of six esteemed representatives from the Centre for Assessment and Evaluation (CAE) at the National Institute of Education (NIE) in Singapore paid a visit to the Assessment and Evaluation Research Centre (AERC) within the Faculty of Education (FoE).

Delegation Team

The distinguished delegation included Professor Goh Chuen Meng Christine (NIE Director) and Professor Chang Chew Hung (Dean of the Academic & Strategic Development and NIE Sustainability Officer, CAE Chair).  Other members of the delegation were Associate Professor Chong Wan Har (Co-chair of CAE for Evaluation Strand), Dr Tay Hui Yong (Co-chair of CAE for Assessment Strand), Dr Wong Hwei Ming (Strand Leader of CAE for Assessment Research, Assistant Director & Senior Education Research Scientist for Centre for Research in Pedagogy & Practice) and Ms Tan Michelle (Research Assistant of CAE).  The Academic team from AERC included Dr Zhonghua Zhang (Senior Research Fellow), Dr Ruth Aston (Senior Lecturer), Dr Pam Robertson (Research Fellow) and Dr Zhihong Sun (Research Fellow).

CAE serves as one of the five NIE’s strategic growth areas dedicated to advancing research and teaching assessment and evaluation. It aims to draw perspectives from multiple stakeholders to navigate the complexities of this field in the context of future-ready education. Mirroring this vision, the AERC’s dedication to improving assessment and evaluation practices through teaching and research creates a natural bridge for collaboration between CAE and AERC.

Dean and Director CAE

The visit of the Singaporean delegation commenced with an introduction to the history and project showcase of CAE and AERC. It set the stage for an engaging discussion on pressing issues in the field of assessment and evaluation. Professor Therese Hopfenbeck (AERC Director) presented her vision for future collaborative initiatives.  This was further enriched by the active participation of Professor Jim Watterston (FoE Dean) and Professor Larissa McLean Davies (Deputy Dean of FoE), both of whom expressed their enthusiasm for future collaborations. The visit concluded with a guided tour of modern teaching and learning facilities at FoE and a guided campus tour along the Billibellary’s Walk.

Group image This visit marks an important milestone in the pursuit of shared research and educational goals between CAE and AERC, paving the way for a promising partnership that could revolutionise the landscape of assessment and evaluation in education.

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