ARC research and staff achievements winning multiple awards

The Assessment Research Centre has been acknowledged with two awards at the recent 2022 Melbourne Graduate School of Education (MGSE) Awards evening, among the 142 awards and scholarships to 191 individual recipients.

MGSE Award for Excellence in Social Inclusion

Professor Sandra Milligan and the Big Picture Project Team (Jayne Johnston, Zhonghua Zhang, Cuc Nguyen, Sadia Nawaz, Richard Xu, Daniel Jimenez Barrios, Farhan Azim) received the MGSE Award for Excellence in Social Inclusion, recognising their outstanding contribution toward achieving the Graduate School’s goals in the areas of equity, diversity and social inclusion.

Building on twenty years of ARC innovation, the Big Picture Project Team has designed and validated the International Big Picture Learning Credential (IBPLC), a credential which accurately and reliably represents learner proficiency and enables universities and employers to distinguish between students of different abilities in non-standardised contexts.

The focus on inclusion and wellbeing within Big Picture Education makes it particularly attractive to students who are not succeeding in the mainstream education system.

MGSE Award for Excellence in Team-Based Research Programs

Dr Pam Robertson and the Assessment Research Centre team (Professor Field Rickards, Ms Hilary Slater, Dr Therese Bustos, Dr Marlene Ferido, Dr Kevin Carl Santos, Mr Louie Cagasan, Ms Lalaine Bagui, Mr Xerxes De Castro, Ms Julie Dela Cruz, Ms Karizza Loberiza, Ms Junice Nepomuceno, Ms Liza Villanueva, Ms Debbie Krapywnyj) are the awardees for the MGSE Award for Excellence in Team-based Research Programs.

The Assessment Curriculum and Technology Research Centre (ACTRC) -a partnership between the University of the Philippines and the ARC- has played a key role in advising and informing the Philippine system of education since the ACTRC’s foundation as a three-to-five-year undertaking, and today the team members are trusted advisors who are regularly called upon by bureau heads to provide specialized curriculum and assessment advice.

The impact and value of the ACTRC team-based approach to research are immense, driving outcomes for students across the Philippines. The contribution made by the team is seen in the continual investments made by the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

2022 MGSE Awards-ARC

ACEL Victoria Hedley Beare Educator of the Year award

Earlier in the year, Enterprise Professor Sandra Milligan, Director of ARC, won the ACEL Victoria Hedley Beare Educator of the Year award at the ACEL Annual Branch Awards Ceremony, where she gave the Hedley Bear oration to an audience of Australia’s premier education leaders.

Professor Sandra Milligan