Investigating graduate primary generalist teachers' experiences teaching art and literature

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Chief Investigators:
Marnee Watkins
Pam Macintyre
Gina Grant


MGSE Staff Competitive Grant


This project proposes through action research to follow a cohort of teachers recently graduated from MGSE's MTeach Primary course and investigate their practical knowledge, efficacy and agency related to implementing the visual arts and rich literary texts in their first year of teaching. This research builds on a study undertaken by two of the researchers in 2010, by extending the focus on art and interdisciplinary teaching to include children's literature. The project aims to inform pre-service education programs for the primary generalist; and to lead into an ARC Linkage Project investigating teachers' needs for post-tertiary support.


The theoretical and methodological frame of this project adopts a collaborative action research approach. This methodological approach has its process focused on the transformation of teaching practices significantly through the sharing of teachers’ evolving philosophical positions and practices related to teaching. It embodies a reflective process that allows for inquiry and discussion as components of the ‘research’. Data will be collected from two surveys, professional development sessions, individual interviews and an on-line forum. The project timeline will extend over twelve months.


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