ePortfolios for creative arts, music and arts students in Australian universities

Research Team


Funding Source

Dr Jennifer Rowley (Sydney)

A/Professor Peter Dunbar-Hall (Sydney)

A/Professor Dawn Bennett (Curtin)

A/Professor Diana Blom (UWS)

Dr Neryl Jeanneret (MGSE)

Matthew Hitchcock (Griffith)


Australian Music Association


This project establishes ePortfolios for undergraduate Music and Performance Studies students in Australian universities by adapting their use at Sydney Conservatorium of Music (SCM), University of Sydney, to students at University of Western Sydney, Melbourne Graduate School of Education, Curtin University and Queensland Conservatorium Griffith University. Building on work accomplished at SCM, it designs, implements, evaluates ePortfolios for professional needs of music education to music (composition, performance, musicology, music technology, professional practice, sound recording technology) and Performance Studies students preparing for entry to professional positions, grant application, and/or graduate study. It is based on student needs, training of students and staff, and embedding of ePortfolios into courses across undergraduate degree programs of the institutions. It is innovatory, changes forms of assessment/reporting, influences teaching and learning, focuses on individuals' needs/musical strengths, provides students with a capstone product, provides a portfolio for employers in the arts sector and brings about change in tertiary study through creative application and development of current technology. The majority of students at MGSE are enrolled in both the classroom and instrumental learning areas and the ePortfolio will enable our students to maintain a more comprehensive record of their concurrent artistic endeavours as well their learning outcomes during the period of study.


The project evaluator will collect material through interviews with project staff and participating students. The evaluator will also have access to curriculum material, sample ePortfolios, project meeting minutes and will be formally included in formative discussions at the end of each project phase. Evaluation of the project will be ongoing, through regular reporting to the Project Committee from the Steering Committee Group, Faculty Staff Group, Project Manager, Research Assistant, and Technology Support Staff. Outcomes of the project will be benchmarked between the collaborating institutions, and student opinions will be canvassed regularly via data collection processes (e.g. student interviews, surveys, focus groups etc), and the project's website, throughout the project to ensure that it is meeting student needs.