For Participants

Participating in the ELVS Follow up

You and your parent have been taking part in the ELVS study since you were 8 months old! ELVS has been so important in helping us to better understand how language development shapes children’s social and emotional wellbeing, school achievement, and friendships. We were thrilled to secure funding to continue the ELVS through till the end of 2024 so we can follow ELVS young people until they are 21 years old. We hope to learn more about how language, literacy and numeracy skills can shape young people’s lives as they move into adulthood and begin making decisions about their education, occupation, health, and wellbeing.


We would like you and your parent to complete surveys as part of this project at different times. We know young people are busy juggling study, work and social activities! We really appreciate the time you have contributed to complete these surveys and helping to keep ELVS going. All surveys can be completed online in your own time. We will contact you via email when there is a new survey to complete.

Consent survey

When you joined the follow up, we invited you and your parent to complete an online consent survey. Thank you very much for completing this!

Online language activity

At the start of this study, we invited you to complete a short online language task. During this activity, you hear sentences of increasing length and are asked to repeat them. This takes about 10-15 minutes to complete.

We noticed that some participants have not done the online language activity. There’s still time! Having technical difficulties logging in or doing it? We can help! Please contact us for help. Please also let us know if you’d prefer to do the activity over Zoom, and we’ll be in touch to make a time.

Survey Packages

When you left school or were in your final year of schooling, we asked you and your parent to complete a brief survey each (Survey Package 1). A second survey (Survey Package 2) followed, and we will email you a final survey (Survey Package 3) in late 2023. The first and second surveys were timed according to when you were in your final year of school.