Currently, the Australian Government funds state and territory governments to provide 15 hours of preschool programs per week in the year before school for all children, through the Universal Access National Partnership (UANP).

Victoria is the first Australian state government to commit to providing two years of universal kindergarten to three- and four-year-old children. This commitment includes around $5 billion in funding to roll out universal three-year-old kindergarten across the state over ten years, from 2020.

From 2029, all Victorian children will have access to 15 hours of a kindergarten program per week, delivered by an early childhood teacher in the two years before school.

Funding and partners

The University of Melbourne and The Front Project are undertaking the study under the leadership of Professor Patricia Eadie and Jane Hunt. The Victorian Department of Education is supporting the study.

The Paul Ramsay Foundation and the Ian Potter Foundation are funding the study. They are supporting the implementation of the study and have a major role in ensuring that research findings are translated into policy, program and workforce reform.