Turning Points

Turning points: Changes academics make to shape their working lives

We want to explore what it is like for academics who have been working in universities and other higher education settings over the last few years, and what kinds of changes you have made in your practices and approaches to your work.  You will be asked to think about your experiences through the lens of text, imagery and music.

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We address the following key research question

How do academics who work in a changing higher education environment articulate and represent

  1. the turning points that have caused them to change course and do something differently in their faculties, and
  2. the holding points, where the changes have taken hold?
Mark Selkrig talks to Future Campus

Hear from lead researcher Mark Selkrig

Lead Researcher Associate Professor Mark Selkrig talks to Future Campus about Turning Points.

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Participant information

Anyone currently working as an Academic at a university worldwide is eligible to participate in the survey, including academics employed on casual contracts. We estimate the survey will take approximately 15 minutes to complete, but it may take longer if you provide extensive feedback responding to the open-ended questions.

Please read the full details of what is involved in participating in the Plain Language Statement pdf to help you decide if you would like to participate. At the beginning of the survey, you will be asked to confirm that you agree with the statements provided in the Consent form.

multiple arrows pointing in different directions


The survey is available online. The link below includes the Plain Language Statement, consent form and survey.

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