Sally Peters

Sally Peters is a senior lecturer in the Department of Education Studies, University of Waikato, New Zealand.

Research interests

  • from preschool to the first year of schooling.

Recent publications

  • Peters, S . (2002). In H. Fabian & A-W Dunlop (Ed) (2002) Transitions in the Early Years: Debating continuity and progression for children in early education. RoutledgeFalmer: London.
  • Peters, S. (2000). The transition to school. In W. Drewery & L. Bird. Human development: A journey through the lifespan (118-119). Auckland:McGraw-Hill.
  • Peters, S. (2000). Multiple perspectives on continuity in early learning and the transition to school. Paper presented at "Complexity, diversity and multiple perspectives in early childhood", Tenth European Early Childhood Conference, University of London, August.
  • Peters, S. (1999). Continuity and discontinuity: Issues for parents and teachers seeking to enhance children's transition to school. Paper presented at 'Sharing Research in Early Childhood Education', The Third Warwick International Early Years Conference, University of Warwick, Coventry, England, April.
  • Peters, S. (1999). Planning for transition: Early childhood teachers' roles in enhancing children's transition to school. Paper presented at the Seventh Early Childhood Convention, Nelson, September.
  • Peters, S. (1998). Gathering and sharing information on young children within the context of the transition to school. SAMEpapers, 107-122.
  • Peters, S. (1998). Assessment and reporting within the context of the transition to school. Paper presented at the annual conference of the New Zealand Association for Research in Education, Dunedin, December.


Department of Education Studies
University of Waikato
Private Bag 3105
New Zealand