Professor Inge Johansson

Dr Inge Johansson is Associate Professor and senior reseacher in Stockholm Institute of Education, Stockholm Sweden. He has been doing research during the last 25 years, mainly about the pedagogical content in services for young school-children, preschool and the link(transition) between preschool and school. He has also studied the linkage between parents-school and quality. He is currently leader for a research project about how children perceive the content of after school centers and also a project about the interaction between parents and teachers in the nordic countries (Denmark, Norway, Finland and Sweden).

Research interests

  • transition from preschool to school
  • early childhood pedagogy
  • parents-school and quality

Recent publications

  • Johannson, I. (2002). In H. Fabian & A-W Dunlop (Ed) (2002) Transitions in the Early Years: Debating continuity and progression for children in early education. RoutledgeFalmer: London.
  • Johansson, I. (2000). Parents view of the content in new services for younger schoolchildren in Sweden. Paper presented at the 10th European Conference on Quality in Early Childhood Education. London August 2000.
  • Johansson, I. (1998). Parent involvement and Quality in Preschool. Paper presenterat vid Ninth Annual International Roundtable on School, Family and Community Partnership, John Hopkins University, April 1998, San Diego.
  • Johansson, I. (1997).The Interpay Between Organization and Pedagogical Content. Results from a Study Reflecting the Changes within 12 Preschools in Stockholm During a Three-Year Period. European Early Childhood Education Research Journal, Vol 5, No 2, 1997 p.33-45.
  • Johansson, I. (1996). Parent View of the Pre-school's Content. Paper presenterat på konferensen, Education is partnership. Köpenhamn November 1996.
  • Johansson, I. (1995). New Services for Six-year-olds in Stockholm. Content and Directions. European Early Childhood Education Research Journal, Vol 3. , No 1, 1995 p.17-34.


Department of Human Development,
Learning and Special Education.
Stockholm Institute of Education.
P.O. Box 473 08, S-100 74 Stockholm

Ph: +46 8 737 96 14