Professor Carmen Dalli

Dr Carmen Dalli is senior lecturer and Director of the Institute for Early Childhood Studies at Victoria University of Wellington. She lectures in the BEd(Tchg) Early Chldhood degree offered conjointly with Wellington College of Education as well as in the BA and MEd degrees at Victoria University. Carmen was a member of the national working group that developed the early childhood code of ethics for Aotearao/New Zealand. Her research interests include children's start in childcare, children's experiences of early childhood services, professionalism in early childhood education and early childhood policies.

Research interests

  • Transition from home to child care

Recent publications

  • Dalli, C. (2002). In H. Fabian & A-W Dunlop (Ed) (2002) Transitions in the Early Years: Debating continuity and progression for children in early education. RoutledgeFalmer: London.
  • Dalli, C. (2002). Constructing identities: Being a mother and being a teacher during the experience of starting childcare. European Journal of Research in Early Childhood Education. To appear in Vol 10(2) in 2002.
  • Dalli, C. (2001).Handling the first transition: What early childhood educators can do, what they do and how they can do better. Early Education, Vol 25, pp. 13-20.
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  • Dalli, C. (1999). Learning to be in childcare: mothers stories of their child’s “settling-in”. European Early Childhood Research journal, Vol 7 (2), 53-66.


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