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International Perspectives on Transition to School. Reconceptualising Beliefs, Policy and Practice

International Perspectives on Transition to School

Editors: Kay Margetts & Anna Kienig
Published 2013
ISBN: 978-0-415-53613-4 (pbk)

With increasing attention given by governments and policy makers to children's transition to school, and the associated need for educators, families and communities to be supported in the process, changes are often required to existing structures and pedagogy. This book is framed around the notion of transition as a time of change for those involved in the transition process and as a time for reconceptualising beliefs, policy and practice. It explores transition from a number of international perspectives and raises issues around the coherence of: how children perceive and respond to starting school; the roles and expectations of parents; developmental changes for parents; supporting children with diverse learning needs; how policy, curriculum and pedagogy are conceived and implemented. Readers will be informed about current practices and issues arising out of research in Europe, Scandinavia, the United Kingdom and Australia and will be stimulated to consider how they can change their own transition beliefs, policies and practices. Transition to school: Contemporary Perspectives and Change is essential reading for researchers and educators and anyone wanting to know more about the transition to school and how to support young children, their families and schools.

Authors and contents

Kay Margetts & Anna Kienig A Conceptual Framework for Transition

2. Mary O'Kane The Transition From Preschool To Primary School In Ireland: A Time Of Change
3. Anna Kienig Transition To School In Poland - New Challenges
4. Anne Petriwskyj Inclusion And Transition To School In Australia

5. Hilary Fabian Towards Successful Transitions
6. Anders Jensen, Ole Hansen & Stig Brostrom Contemporary Danish Perspectives: Towards A New Paradigm
7. Johanna Einsardottir Children's Perspectives On Starting Primary School
8. Kay Margetts What New Children Need To Know: Children's Perspectives Of Starting School

9. Wilfried Griebel and Renate Niesel The Development of Parents in their First Child's Transition to Primary School
10. Bob Perry & Sue Dockett The Role Of Family In The Transition To School
11. Divya Jindal-Snape & Elizabeth Hannah Starting School In Scotland: Policy, Practice And Research Regarding Transition To Primary School

12. Aline-Wendy Dunlop Curriculum As A Tool For Change In Transitions Practices/Transitions Practices As A Tool For Changing Curriculum
13. Anna Kienig & Kay Margetts Conclusion

Transition to School Position Statement

Research Institute for Professional Practice, Learning and Education, Charles Sturt University

Author: Educational Transitions and Change (ETC) Research Group. (2011).
Published 2011
ISBN 978-1-86467-231-2

This position statement has been developed by a group of national and international transition to school researchers who have been working in the area over the last 20 years. An overview of the researchers' seminal research is included at the end of this document. The authors have been assisted in this task by a wide range of educators and policy makers, who have reviewed the document and enhanced it through their constructive criticism.


Sue Dockett
Aline-Wendy Dunlop
Jóhanna Einarsdóttir
Anders Garpelin
Beth Graue
Linda Harrison
Mei Seung (Michelle) Lam
Noella Mackenzie
Kay Margetts
Elizabeth Murray
Bob Perry
Sally Peters
Anne Petriwskyj
Tuija Turunen

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Transitions in the Early Years: Debating Continuity and Progression for Children in Early Education

Transitions in the Early Years. Debating Continuity and Progression for Children in Early Education

Edited by: Hilary Fabian, Aline-Wendy Dunlop
Published June 2002
ISBN: 041527639X Paperback 208 pages

This book's contributors ask what the optimum level for young children's learning is. They seek to find how children cope with transition from home to the first settings of their education and whether there are ways is which professionals can better support and empower children in transition. How do the experiences young children have of attending different places of leaning affect their capacity to learn? Educators and policy makers must pay close attention to young children's ever-evolving learning experiences. Transitions in the Early Years assists the reader in this task and provides further observation and analysis for all those interested in this growing area of concern.


1. The Wider Context: An International Overview of Transition Issues
2. From Home to Childcare Centre: Challenges for Parents, Teachers and Children
3. Children's Social Adjustment: The Importance of Early Transitions for Future Success
4. Understanding Conditions of Learning: Do Parents, Children and Educators' Views of Children's Learning Differ? When Does it Matter?
5. Parents' Views of the Transition to School
6. Communication and Continuity in the Transition from Kindergarten to School in Denmark
7. The Children's Voice in the Complex Transition into Kindergarten and School
8. Teachers' Perspectives of Transition
9. Planning Transition Programmes
10. Empowering Children for Transitions
11.Education without Transitions? Transitions without School;


Michelle J Neuman; Carmen Dalli; Ann Kienig; Aline-Wendy Dunlop; Inge Johansson; Stig Brostrom; Wilfried Griebel and Renate Niesel; Sally Peters; Kay Margetts; Hilary Fabian; Jan Fortune-Wood
Foreword by Professor Chris Pascall, Centre for Research in Early Childhood

Informing Transitions in the Early Years

Informing transitions in the early years book cover

Edited by: Aline-Wendy Dunlop and Hilary Fabian
Published 2007
ISBN 0335220134 Paperback 176 pages

This book explores early transitions from a variety of international perspectives. Each chapter is informed by rigorous research and makes recommendations on how education professionals can better understand and support transitions in the early years. Contributors examine issues such as:

  • Parental involvement in the transition to school
  • Children's voices on the transition to primary school
  • The construction of identity in the early years.

Readers will be able to draw support, guidance and inspiration from the different writers to scaffold their own thinking and development in relation to children's transitions. Ample opportunities are offered for readers to gain confidence and competence in dealing with the range of people involved in transitions, and to the benefit of everyone, not least the children, whose `transitions capital' will grow.


1 Informing Transitions
2 Transition competence of the child's social system -
3 Social worlds - The construction of different identities within an early childhood centre: A case study.
4 Horizontal transitions. What does it mean for children in the early school years?
5 Parent involvement in the transition to school
6 Children's Voices on the Transition from Preschool to Primary School
7 Transitions in children's thinking
8 Understanding and supporting children
9 Children's transition to school: Changing expectations
10 Expectations and effects of curriculum change as viewed by children, parents & practitioners
11 Conclusions: Bridging Research, Policy & Practice -


Hilary Fabian; Wilfried Griebel & Renate Neisel; Rosina Merry; Inge Johansson; Christine Clarke; Jóhanna Einarsdóttir; Stig Broström; Kay Margetts; Sue Dockett; Bob Perry; Maggie Stephenson; Margaret Parsons; Aline-Wendy Dunlop

Early Childhood Education in Five Nordic Countries. Perspectives on the transition from preschool to school

Early Childhood Education in Five Nordic Countries book cover

Edited by: Stig Brostrom and Judith Wagner
Published by: Systime Academic

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Abschied vom Kindergarten Start in die Schule. Grundlagen und Praxishilfen fur Erzieherinnen, Lehrkrafte und Eltern

Published 2002
Authors: Wilfried Griebel & Renate Niesel.
Published in München: Don Bosco

Start in den Kindergarten. Grundlagen und Hilfen zum Übergang von der Familie in die Kindertagesstätte

Published 2000
Authors: Renate Niesel & Wilfried Griebel.
Published in München: Don Bosco

Children Starting School: A Guide to Successful Transitions and Transfers for Teachers and Assistants

Author: Hilary Fabian
Publication January 2002
ISBN 1-85346-807-X o Paperback o 148 pages

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Nordic Childhood and Early Education: Philosophy, Research, Policy and practice in Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden

Editors: Johanna Einarsdottir & Judith Wagner
Publication March 2006
ISBN 1593113501 Paperback 324 pages

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Transitions to School: Perceptions, expectations and experiences

Authors: Sue Dockett & Bob Perry
Publication November 2006
ISBN: 9780868408019, Paperback 272 pages

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Educational Transitions: Moving Stories from Around the World

Editor: Divya Jindal-Snape
Publication December 2009
ISBN: 978-0-415-80591-9 Hardback 262 pages

EASE Project - Early Years Transition Project - Final Report

A Comenius Multilateral Project
Publication 2010
Education, Audiovisual and Cultural Executive Agency

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EASE website