S7E1: It’s Not a Choice: the real issues behind school ‘refusal’

In this episode, our host Dr Sophie Specjal unravels the complex issues around school attendance. Why do kids refuse to go to school? What approaches work to support students going back to school? What is the data telling us about school refusal in Australia? How do we support parents and teachers through this process?

We speak with clinical psychologist, Associate Professor Glenn Melvin who shares research and expertise with student anxieties. Discover practical insights from Katie Archibald and Rebecca Plunkett and discuss how they are working with at risk students in improving their school attendance at the Travancore school. Explore the big picture of school attendance measurement and its national issues from Associate Professor Lisa McKay Brown who shares research, expertise and support for the complexity of school attendance. 

Guest speakers:

  • Associate Professor Lisa McKay-Brown, Faculty of Education, University of Melbourne.
  • Associate Professor Glenn Melvin, School of Psychology, Deakin University
  • Katie Archibald, Principal of Travencore School
  • Rebecca Plunkett, Learning and Teaching specialist at Travencore School

Producers: Genevieve Siggins and Podcast Services Australia

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