I have a Commerce or Humanities background and need more information on learning areas

First, remember that you MUST have completed a major sequence in at least one of your learning areas at a tertiary level and met the requirement for a second learning area, as per the Master of Teaching (Secondary) Learning Areas page. If you are eligible for more than two learning areas, you may like to consider a combination of employability and the areas you have a particular interest in and/or in-depth knowledge of.

To help you make your decision, look at the content and outcomes listed for each of our learning area subjects in the University handbook. Keep in mind that certain learning areas are specific to either senior (years 11 &12) or junior school (years 7-10) only, whilst other learning areas focus across years 7-12.

For students with a Commerce background: the Economics, Legal Studies, Business Studies and Accounting learning areas cover senior secondary VCE (years 11 and 12). Schools are more likely to advertise jobs in Economics, Legal Studies and Accounting with the assumption that a teacher who can teach these areas will also have the skills and knowledge to teach junior commerce and Business Management (whether this is one of your learning areas or not).  Business Management and Commerce is not a highly employable learning area combination and is best avoided if an alternative is available.

For students with a Humanities background: the History, Politics, Legal Studies and Economics learning areas cover senior secondary VCE (years 11 &12), while the Humanities learning area covers years 7-12. The areas that are listed under the Humanities (and Humanities Additional) learning area provide the best preparation for teaching humanities across secondary schools in Victoria.