When will I find out the outcome of my application?

Admission and selection for the Master of Teaching (Secondary) Internship comprises several components. You will be kept informed of the status of your application as it progresses.

Step 1: Apply for the course

The first step is to submit your course application. Our admissions team will assess your application and determine whether you:

  • Have a completed undergraduate degree from an approved institution and meet our internal academic requirements
  • Have successfully completed the Teacher Capability Assessment Tool (TCAT). TCAT is an online tool that helps us discover how well suited you are to teach. TCAT results are assessed as part of your application
  • Meet the English language requirements, including the University requirements and VIT's English language requirements for this course
  • Can demonstrate previous tertiary study that satisfies the requirement for two learning areas from the modified list for the Master of Teaching (Secondary) Internship. Note: The Master of Teaching (Secondary) Internship has fewer learning areas available than the Master of Teaching (Secondary).

Provided you meet the requirements above, you will be made a conditional offer for the course. Conditional offers will be made on a rolling basis. This means you can expect to hear from our admissions team within 4–6 weeks of submitting your application.

NOTE: you can only receive an unconditional (full) offer for this course on securing a teaching position at a partner school (see step 2 below).

Step 2: The employment process

Applicants who receive a conditional offer will progress to the employment process where the University and/or Department of Education will support applicants to secure an Internship teaching position:

  • This employment process will take place from late September to early November
  • The University partners with government and non-government schools for Internship teaching positions
  • The University and/or Department of Education will assist by introducing you to partner schools that have a teaching vacancy matching your geographical preference and learning areas
  • Schools will invite potential Interns for interview and, if successful, you will be made a job offer
  • Only on successfully securing and accepting an Internship teaching position can you be admitted into the course
  • The University and your school will assist you with onboarding tasks, including employment contracts, applying for Permission to Teach and enrolling in the course.

NOTE: if you are unsuccessful in securing a teaching Internship position you cannot be offered a place in the Master of Teaching (Secondary) Internship, but can instead be offered a place in the Master of Teaching (Secondary) on-campus program.

Visit our Master of Teaching (Secondary) Internship study pages to find out more and apply.

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