Tips on applying

Check whether the scholarship or award you are interested in requires an application.  Some scholarships and awards are by automatic consideration, which means you don’t need to apply and will be considered provided you meet the eligibility.

If the scholarship or awards you are interested in require an application, read this step-by-step checklist that guides you through the process:

  • Check that you are eligible

    Read the information carefully to make sure you meet the eligibility  criteria.  You will not be considered for an award if you don’t meet the eligibility criteria.

  • Organise your scholarship information
    • make a list of the scholarships/awards/bursaries you want to apply for
    • be aware of the opening and closing dates for each one
    • familiarise yourself with the type of information needed to complete the application, including supporting documentation
    • start early and don’t rush your application
  • Completing an application
    • online application forms can be saved at any time. You do not need to feel rushed to complete your application in one sitting.
    • each scholarship/award has its own application procedure, so read the materials carefully to understand what information is requested.
    • read and follow all instructions.  Remember that each question is there for a reason and you can only be assessed on the information you provide.
    • uploaded documents cannot be saved, therefore upload these documents as the last step before you submit your application
    • do a final check: proof read your application, check that you have answered all required sections to the best of your ability and uploaded the supporting documents requested
    • submit your completed application prior to the due date if possible.  This allows time should you face any technical difficulties.
    • check you have received a confirmation of receipt email
    • if you have any questions, email the Faculty of Education at
  • Things to remember
    • competition for scholarships and awards can be very strong. You can increase your chances by applying for as many as you qualify for.
    • You are trying to prove you are worthy of the scholarship or award. The selection panel needs to see that you have something special to offer.
    • Your scholarship application will be assessed and ranked on the information you provide in your application and the supporting documentation you supply.