Subject Enrolment

Subject selection is an important step in your enrolment process that requires careful planning and consideration

Course Planning

Planning your course involves understanding your course requirements, choosing the right subjects, and reviewing your plans each semester to ensure you are on track to graduate. Some Education degrees are highly structured meaning your course is mapped out for you, while some provide more flexibility. Enrolled students can book an in person or phone appointment with a Course Planner. Book an appointment

Enrolling in a subject

You must have a clear understanding of your course requirements when you enrol in subjects before the start of each semester.

To learn more about how to enrol in a subject, visit Enrolling in subjects

For the Master of Teaching, you can see which subjects to enrol in under the subject options section in the University Handbook:

You can find University Handbook links for our professional programs below. You can check your course structure by selecting course structure and then see which subjects to enrol in under the subject options section:


The Master of Education, Master of TESOL and Master of Modern Languages all have optional specialisations. Should you wish you graduate with a specialisation you will need to make sure you meet the entry requirements and then add the specialisation to your study plan and enrol and complete the subjects. If you just complete the subject enrolment without expanding the specialisation, your specialisation may not appear on your transcript.  
Get assistance putting your specialisation on your study plan.

Master of Learning Interventions students have a compulsory specialisation which is set up for you prior to your enrolment.

Enrolment Troubleshooting

When enrolling in subjects you may encounter issues that prevent you from finalising your study plan. This page will guide you through suggested fixes to common study plan issues.

Before you start troubleshooting a subject enrolment issue, check the changing your enrolment webpage for all the options on how to make changes to your enrolment.

If you are having difficulties completing your subject enrolment with your study plan,
Learn how to get assistance.

Student obligations & Census Dates

Every subject offered by the University has a census date. It’s important to be aware of your subjects’ census dates and how they impact your enrolment, fees and academic record.

The census date is the last date you can withdraw from a subject, withdraw from your course, or apply for a leave of absence without remaining liable to pay for the subject, and without it appearing on your academic transcript. As the census date can vary between subjects it’s important to be aware of your subjects’ census dates. Learn more


For information about courses and subjects please visit the University Handbook.