Teacher Capability Assessment Tool (TCAT)

Chief Investigator

Prof. Janet Clinton

Project Details

Teacher Capability Assessment Tool (TCAT) is an evidence-based approach to the selection and development of pre-service teachers. The tool takes a life cycle view of teacher development from selection and entry into initial teacher education programs through end of program readiness to teach, then into the initial years as a teaching professional. Embedded within the tool are assessments focusing on a range of factors including; motivations for teaching, cognitive reasoning skills and non-cognitive domains. In combination with Visible Classroom®, TCAT also leverages the power of feedback and self-reflection by providing a personalized learning environment for the developing teacher. TCAT is based on current research of the characteristics of effective teachers. To date, no other cohesive or comprehensive model, grounded in research, has been developed for pre-service teacher selection and development.

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Research and Development

  • Professor Janet Clinton (CI)
  • Professor John Hattie
  • Professor Stephen Dinham
  • Georgia Dawson
  • Dr Gerard Calnin


  • Kris Young (Project Coordinator)
  • Patrick McLaren

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