UNESCO International Arts Education Week

International Arts Education Week

The First Celebration of International Arts Education Week took place at UNESCO Headquarters on 23 May 2012 with the participation of artists, educators, researchers, NGO actors and international associations. In this last week of May, we annually showcase and highlight arts education in studioFive with our networks and UNESCO partners:

studioFive supports and promotes the UNESCO’s approaches to a global Arts Education. These are multi-dimensional, layered, and complimentary ways of understanding arts education in contemporary society and culture:

  • Learning through the arts/culture approach demonstrates how we can utilise artistic expressions and cultural resources and practises, contemporary and traditional, as learning tools. It targets to draw on the rich wealth of culture, knowledge and skills of societies to enhance an inter-disciplinary approach to learning in a range of subject areas.
  • Learning in the arts/culture approach stresses the value of cultural perspectives, multi and inter-cultural, and culturally-sensitive languages through learning processes. This kind of approach contributes to engender understanding of the importance of cultural diversity and reinforce behaviour patterns underlying social cohesion.

In studioFive, we include a third approach: Learning across the arts/culture in an integrated and multi-arts approach that is both methodological and pedagogical. This kind of approach contributes to knowing through an interdisciplinary practice that is developed out of and within practice.