Trends, implications, issues and possibilities for an interdisciplinary school STEM curriculum

Theatre Q227, Level 2, Kwong Lee Dow Building, Melbourne Graduate School of Education

Math and Science Education Research Seminar presented by Dr Victoria Millar, Melbourne Graduate School of Education.

In education, STEM has come to represent more than just a means for talking about the disparate STEM disciplines and instead is seen by many stakeholders as providing a solution to a range of issues and as requiring a particular kind of curriculum structure or pedagogical approach. While the possibilities and potential of STEM have driven much investment there are also many tensions inherent in the broad umbrella of STEM education and associated implications that have either not been explored or are yet to be fully understood. This presentation will investigate the influences that have led to the current interpretation of school STEM curriculum, its multiple purposes and structural requirements. It will then explore some of the tensions and possibilities that arise from implementing such a curriculum.

Dr Victoria Millar is a senior lecturer in the Maths and Science Education group in the Melbourne Graduate School of Education, University of Melbourne. Her research focusses on curriculum, identity formation and participation in STEM.