The Spectra Experience: Creating a learning culture for low-progress learners

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Lecture Theatre Q219, Melbourne Graduate School of Education, Kwong Lee Dow Building, 234 Queensberry Street, Carlton VIC 3010

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Centre for Vocational and Educational Policy Public Seminar

The seminar will provide an overview of Singapore’s educational system and highlight some of the major policy shifts/foci over the last couple of years. The main focus of the seminar will focus on Spectra Secondary School’s approach (It takes a village…) to engage and support students who are challenged academically and often“labelled” as failures. Anecdotes of how re-imagining curriculum, redefining success, re-crafting expectations and re-thinking beliefs have significantly changed students’ concept of self-worth and their motivation to learn. We will look at how the school has engaged community and industry partners to provide unique learning opportunities for their students. The seminar will also explore on the role of school leadership in shaping the ethos, philosophy and culture of the school.

Mr Krishan Aravinthan (Ari)
Ministry of Education, Singapore

Ari has been an educator for over 25 years. Ari started his teaching career as a Physical Education teacher before taking up leadership roles as a Head of Department, Vice-principal and Principal. In his time as an educator,he has taught and served in two junior colleges, five secondary schools and at the Ministry of Education (Singapore). Ari is currently the founding principal of Spectra Secondary School, one of two specialised schools in Singapore, specifically set-up to provide a customised hands-on learning curriculum for students streamed to the Normal Technical course of study after the primary school leaving examination (PSLE) in Primary 6. Since starting the school in 2014, they have seen “value added” outcomes for their students both academically and in co curricular domains.

The Spectra Experience presentation slides (PDF, 8.1 MB)