High stakes testing programs: What is the evidence?

Emeritus Professor Colin Power

234 Queensberry Street, Kwong Lee Dow Building, Level 2, Theatre Q219

This event will be followed by drinks and refreshments.

Dr Power says in a forthcoming publication

"Since the 1970s, income inequality has been increasing in many countries and with that, the divides in funding, quality and outcomes of schools and tertiary institutions serving different socio-economic groups have widened, but most governments have neither the political will nor the courage to tackle the problem. As a policy option, the introduction of national and international student assessment systems was supposed to set and raise standards for all, leading to higher national economic growth and lifting all. But for the most part, the hoped-for improvements in education and GDP have not been forthcoming: the research reveals that high stakes assessment systems have rarely led to meaningful improvements in the quality of teaching and outcomes of education."

Come and hear him expand on this view.