Dean's Report

First episode of the new MGSE webinar series goes live

Image of international newsletter

The first episode of our new webinar series Propelling education through a COVID-19 world was held yesterday afternoon and attracted an audience of 577 people with 105 questions posted. I was delighted by the excellent turnout and by the engaging and spirited discussion that took place. It clearly shows there is a hunger for this type of quality debate at a time when we are all being challenged to examine the future of education. All the speakers implored us not to miss this opportunity for change. They stressed that we all need to get started on reform, however small, while we have the momentum and a willing coalition of teachers, parents and students who are ready to think differently about education.

My great thanks to our Deputy Dean, Professor Janet Clinton for bringing this series into existence and for her excellent moderation, and to our panellists Professor Yong Zhao, Sandra Milligan and John Hattie for their stimulating contribution. A special thanks to our early/mid- career researchers who volunteered to join the panel as discussants – Daniela Acquaro, Melitta Hogarth and Matt Harrison. Register for next week’s episode when Sandra Milligan will lead the discussion on what needs to be done now to ensure our students have the skills and resources to thrive as they head into the world.

MGSE international newsletter

Image of international newsletter

We recently published a new quarterly international newsletter which aims to inform our international colleagues of MGSE’s latest news, projects and major publications.

In these times when our ability to travel internationally and share our work is curtailed, it is important to continue to collaborate and extend the hand of friendship to our colleagues across the world.

Virtual graduation experience

Due to COVID-19 the University has been unable to hold a mid-year graduation ceremony this year so instead a virtual graduation experience has been established. The website features messages from the Vice-Chancellor, Chancellor and Deans and features individual sections for each of the academic divisions. The MGSE section includes a list of our 158 students who were conferred this week, a celebration kit for our new graduates and a message board. I encourage you all to post a congratulatory message for our new alumni on the message board.

INEI statement on the global COVID-19 pandemic

Lastly, the International Network of Education Institutes (INEI), an international education think tank with nine members from universities across the world (that MGSE is a part of) has published a statement on the global COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic. The statement reflects on the new challenges facing us and contributes to a re-envisioning of educational policies, practices, research and interventions as we prepare for a post-pandemic world. It’s worth a read.