Participants in New Metrics work together on solutions to the big challenges that face Australian education, industry and partner schools. These challenges vary but often stem from the traditional organisation of learning, which includes:

  • curriculum devised around discipline content areas;
  • reliance on summative examinations to gauge success;
  • use of standardised testing in narrow areas of attainment to determine overall success; and
  • timetables organised around short time periods of instruction provided principally by subject experts.

The work of New Metrics involves:

  1. Promoting alignment of policy and system reward and is influencing the development of new ideas about metrics for success for learners, schools and systems.

  2. Building the capacity and reputation of participants as innovative and progressive leaders.

  3. Accessing University technology and researchers to support the generation, collation and analysis of school-based data.

  4. Schools working with the University to develop and publish case studies that promote the program and the schools’ innovations.

  5. Professional learning for school staff to build their capacity to be leaders in the assessment and recognition of complex competencies.

  6. Participating in a range of events, including face-to-face and online seminars with University academics, industry leaders, system-level leaders, educational influencers and innovative school leaders.

  7. Collaboration with a wide range of schools, across systems and states/territories within Australia.

School partners have the opportunity to share their progress, receive critical feedback, and establish relationships with a range of schools, experts and influencers from across the education sector.

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More than a mark: how to measure learning success without ranks and tests

On 20 September 2022, MGSE Dean's Lecture Series invited Professor Sandra Milligan to explain new ways of assessing and credentialing, along with what they mean for learners, their teachers, employers and tertiary selectors.  Professor Milligan amplified the New Metrics work by paying homage to the New Metrics research-practice partnership schools and the big challenge that they are tackling.

Introductory webinar

In 2020, schools that had expressed an interest were invited to an introductory webinar in October with Enterprise Professor Sandra Milligan, Professor Yong Zhao and Laureate Professor John Hattie.