Seminar Series

Ian Hamm and Nerita Waight

1 June 2022

Nerita Waight and Ian Hamm started our seminar series off to present ways in which they work to elevate social justice and equitable representations of Aboriginal people on boards and other high-level governance, through strategic action, advocacy and mentoring.

Eugenia Arvanitis

27 July 2022

Associate Professor Eugenia Arvanitis presented current research data on refugees’ narratives in Greece and engaged in dialogue with her Australian colleagues so to establish a common understanding on relevant issues.

Mariana Souto-Manning

1 December 2022

Professor Mariana Souto-Manning explores the commitment to pursue justice and foster belonging in early childhood teaching and teacher education as a moral and ethical imperative for our profession.

Global Childhood Seminar

8 March 2023

Professor Marek Tesar presented a theorisation of global childhoods, addressing philosophies, theories, pedagogies and methodologies that shape this field.  He focused on global and local discourses and charted current challenges and opportunities of global childhoods scholarship and practices.