Ananya Rao | Master of Education

A high school teacher and academic coordinator from India, Ananya received a Melbourne Global Graduate Scholarship to study a Master of Education at the University of Melbourne.

After eight years working as a teacher in Bengaluru, where she took on a few leadership positions as well, Ananya felt inspired to expand her knowledge of the education sector by undertaking a Master of Education.

She was excited to receive a scholarship, which “helped a great deal with education costs,” and was “keen to learn from the diverse culture in Melbourne and experience life in Australia.”

Upon arriving and settling into both the city and the university, Ananya felt comfortable and welcomed.

“I really enjoy the atmosphere of Melbourne, which is friendly and warm. The people are kind and helpful; it is such an easy city to live and move around in, and there’s always a diverse range of cultural activities to attend. I also like the wide range of libraries, parks and green spaces all around the city that stimulate me to be active both mentally and physically.”

As for the Faculty of Education, Ananya says “the atmosphere is based on discussion and interaction, which suits my learning style.”

Ananya Rao, Master of Education

She went on, “I like the style of teaching at the University, which promotes independent thinking and forming my own ideas. There is also a lot of support provided, which gives me opportunities to keep improving myself.”

As an example, she explained, “I received help from Academic Skills in streamlining my writing, which helped improve my grades. It also helped hone my own skill in expressing myself clearly, which was one of my goals while studying my masters in Australia.”

“The structure of the course and the content of the modules have been very enlightening and exposed me to important perspectives in the education sector. Additionally, I have also enjoyed the university’s libraries with their wide resources and study spaces. They have helped expand my knowledge and motivation to study.”

She had some advice for other Indian students looking to study at Melbourne: “I would advise them to work on reading higher-level texts and writing academically before beginning their program, so that they are able to integrate more seamlessly. Knowledge of referencing texts would also be very helpful, as it can be quite tricky while writing assignments.”

In the future, Ananya is considering a PhD in education. Her goal is to work in a leadership position at a school in India.

“I am hoping that this education will help broaden my perspective and introduce me to relevant and modern theories in education that can contribute to more effective school administration. I want to learn more about creating student-friendly environments and pedagogies that promote lifelong learning. I would also like to find ways to integrate technology into learning without compromising on human relationships in school.”

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