New Principal Fellows and Honorary Fellow Appointments

We are delighted to announce two new Honorary Principal Fellows and one Honorary Fellow appointments at the Centre for Wellbeing Science.

Associate Professor Scott Barry Kaufman has accepted our offer of Honorary Principal Fellow at the Centre. Scott is an American humanistic psychologist, author, podcaster, and popular science writer. He is currently employed by Barnard College, Columbia University. His writing and research focuses on intelligence, creativity, and human potential. Most media attention has focused on Kaufman's attempt to redefine intelligence. He has produced over 80 publications including books, peer-reviewed journals and book chapters. Scott also has extensive public reach for wellbeing and motivation through his podcasts and TED Talks. As the Centre is moving toward a multi-disciplinary research, we look forward to connecting and collaborating with Scott on wellbeing and creativity by exploring the depths of human potential.

Our former Senior Lecturer Dr Mohsen Joshanloo has returned to South Korea and been promoted to Associate Professor at Keimyung University. Mohsen is a personality and socio-cultural psychologist. He has published widely on cultural aspects of mental wellbeing using data from countries across five continents. He has extensive experience in a broad range of data analysis techniques used in the social science. The Centre has joint research interest in the integration of his statistical skills and wellbeing measurement and methods. He will continue his research collaboration with the Centre as an Honorary Principal Fellow.

Dr Austin Chia has recently graduated from the Doctor of Philosophy under the supervision of academics from the Centre for Wellbeing Science (CWS). His research interests are workplace wellbeing; with particular focus on stress / coping, mindfulness and job crafting; multidisciplinary and mixed-method research. He also has over 15 years of consultancy experience in both commercial and health sectors. We have recently appointed him as our Honorary Fellow as he has established a strong connection with the Centre's research and teaching activities.