Fostering Hope and Purpose in Our Kids

Interview with Rachel Colla

We are turning our attention to kids and young people for our next couple of episodes of the podcast and in this episode I’m talking to psychologist Rachel Colla from Merakai about helping our kids to find a sense of hope and purpose.

Merakai is an educational consultancy that helps schools and organisations to lead the way in wellbeing and performance. Rachel is the Director. She is also a speaker, facilitator, Lecturer at The University of Melbourne’s Centre for Positive Psychology and mum to four girls.

Rachel is passionate about helping us all to achieve optimal wellbeing and happiness in our lives in order to be better parents, friends, colleagues and members of our community and this passion shines through in our conversation.

We cover:

  • The psychological nature of hope. It’s not just ‘fingers crossed for the future’!
  • The role that hope plays in kids’ well being, persistence and resilience
  • Practical tips for helping kids to develop hope and succeed at school and in life
  • How to discover your purpose in life and help kids to do the same, and
  • Finding ways to solve problems, grow, learn about ourselves from others and thrive and flourish.

This is a must-listen for parents, teachers and everyone charged with the well being of students, kids and young people.