Don't Pursue Happiness, Prepare for Wellbeing

Intellectual Adventuring & Thrivability with Professor Lindsay Oades

Has the mental health pendulum swung too far?

Distress is a contentious topic. We no longer accept ‘toughen up, don’t cry’ as the appropriate message for our kids, schools, even workplaces but my guest today argues that ‘medicalising’ distress and jumping too quickly to diagnoses and clinical support might not be helping either.

Professor Lindsay Oades is the Director of the Centre for Positive Psychology at The Melbourne Graduate School of Education. He firmly believes that "wellbeing is everybody's business" and his mission is to enable others to enable others.

In this episode of The Potential Psychology Podcast Lindsay and I discuss:

  • How we learn to thrive and the complexity of well being
  • Sharing the language of well being
  • Putting well being on the agenda at a national and international level
  • Aiming for more than the prevention of illness
  • How our schools and communities act as a lever for healthier generations
  • Lindsay’s ‘thrivability theory’.

It’s a conversation that will inspire you to think about preparing future generations for mental health, happiness and well being.