Meet Prof. Jan van Driel

Professor of Science Education

Professor Jan van Driel is the MGSE’s inaugural Professor of Science Education. Before moving to Australia in 2016, Jan was Director of ICLON at the Leiden University Graduate School of Teaching in the Netherlands.

A world leading scholar, Jan’s work is influential in informing the professional development of science teachers, being a former chemistry teacher himself. He has written and presented extensively in the domains of teaching, teaching education and higher education.

In August he gave his inaugural MGSE Dean’s Lecture about the opportunities and obstacles in STEM education to a packed theatre in the Kwong Lee Dow Building. This was accompanied by the publication of a Pursuit article entitled ‘Realising the promise of STEM education’, in which he urged a coordinated approach to support STEM education in Australia, and promptly followed by a joint piece with MGSE Digital Learning Leader Joanne Blannin on 'Getting more women into technology careers'.

His busy month was capped off by his election to the Council of the Australian Academy of Science Education Committee. Chaired by former Australia Chief Scientist Professor Ian Chub FAA, the Education Committee is an advisory body to the Council on future directions and the role of the Academy in STEM education.

Professor of Science Education and current Associate Dean (Research) - Professor Jan van Driel
Professor of Science Education, Professor Jan van Driel