Teaching Program Leadership

Initial Teacher Education

Director: A/Prof Daniela Acquaro

Initial Teacher Education Courses:


Graduate Diploma in Early Childhood Teaching

A/Prof Jeanne Marie Iorio, Dr Jayson Cooper

Master of Teaching, Early Childhood

A/Prof Jeanne Marie Iorio

Master of Teaching, Early Childhood & Primary

Dr Martina Tassone

Master of Teaching, Primary

Dr Carmel Mesiti

Master of Teaching, Secondary

Dr David Camilleri, Dr Emily Rochette

Master of Teaching, Secondary Internship

Dr Merryn Dawborn-Gundlach

Master of Teaching, Capstone Coordinator

Dr Pip Robinson

Professional and Continuing Education

Director: A/Prof Jenny Chesters

Professional and Continuing Education Courses:


Master of Education

Dr Yvette Slaughter

Master of Applied Positive Psychology

Dr Aaron Jarden

Master of Educational Psychology

Dr Chelsea Hyde

Master of Instructional Leadership

Dr Pauline Thompson

Master of Learning Intervention

Sharon Klieve

Master of Modern Languages Education

Professor Russell Cross

Master of Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages

Professor Russell Cross

Master of Evidence-based Teaching (MSPACE)

Dr Jeana Kriewaldt

Master of Evaluation (MSPACE)

Dr Ghislain Arbour

Master of International Baccalaureate (MSPACE)

Dr Nicky Dulfer

Master of Tertiary Education Management (MSPACE)

Dr Arnaldo Barone

Graduate Certificate in Educational Research

Dr Rhonda Di Biase

Master of Education Specialisations:


Arts Education

A/Prof Mark Selkrig, Dr Brad Merrick

Assessment & Pedagogy

Dr Pam Robertson

Equity, Diversity & Social Change

A/Prof Hernan Cuervo

Leadership & Management

A/Prof Lawrie Drysdale, Prof David Gurr

Literacy Education

Dr Troy Potter

Mathematics and Science Education

A/Prof Wee Tiong Seah, Prof Jan van Driel

Policy in a Global Context

Dr Mary Leahy

Student Wellbeing

Dr Annie Gowing

Master of Education, Capstone Coordinator

A/Prof Jenny Chesters

Undergraduate Education

Director: Dr Chris McCaw

Breadth program tracks:


Arts Practice and Engagement

Dr Marnee Watkins

Creativity, the Arts and Young People

Dr Marnee Watkins

Deafness and Communication

Sharon Klieve

Knowing and Learning

Dr Chris McCaw

Leading Community Sports and Rec

Anna Krohn

Positive Individuals, Organisation and Communities

Lara Mossman

Youth, Citizenship and Identity

A/Prof Hernan Cuervo