The Mathematics, Science & Technology Education Group contributes to the Faculty of Education Master of Teaching and Master of Education programs. We also provide a wide range of tailored, bespoke professional learning services.

Our focus

Teacher capacity

Building teacher capacity for teaching mathematics, science and technology in schools and early childhood services

Research-informed practices

Providing research-informed practices for improving school and early childhood mathematics, science and technology

Student thinking

Developing understanding of student thinking in mathematics, science and technology


Providing leadership for building capacity in school mathematics, science and technology

Our approach

We do this through providing high quality research-based education for all of those involved in the teaching of early childhood, primary and secondary school mathematics, science and technology through pre-service graduate courses and in-service professional learning programs.

Our academics supervise research higher degree candidates undertaking Master of Education, Doctor of Education and Doctor of Philosophy degrees. As a group, we aim to contribute to the improvement of mathematics, science and technology education by working with local schools, state and national education authorities, international bodies, professional associations and other national and international colleagues/researchers.

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