Justine Sakurai

Project: Investigating student values towards mathematics in the upper secondary numeracy setting.

Supervisors: Prof Wee Tiong Seah  | Dr Catherine Pearn

Justine has over two decades of experience as a teacher of mathematics and numeracy in Victorian secondary schools. She is currently a periodic lecturer in initial teacher education at the University of Melbourne and teaches for the SMSI program at Deakin University. She conducts teacher professional learning programs in numeracy and mathematics. Justine is currently editor of the mathematics teacher journal Vinculum for the Maths Association of Victoria.

Justine has worked with state curriculum and examination boards to investigate numeracy theory and practices. In a leadership capacity, she has contributed to curriculum development and writing, benchmarking and assessment. Justine raises understanding and awareness through teacher practice journals and publications.

Justine’s research seeks to examine theories of engagement and values with numeracy to explore the connections for upper-secondary low-performing mathematics students. Using a mixed methods approach the research aims to contribute to lifting numeracy levels in secondary students.
Her passion is to see learning opportunities in maths in the acts of everyday life, and for teachers to draw pedagogical inspiration from authentic real-world contexts.

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