Our research makes important contributions through advocacy, input to policy and in publications. The HASS education group has a strong track record of working with state and national education authorities and in conducting school consultancies. Our group continues to offer leadership with professional associations, and other national and international colleagues/researchers, bridging research and practice.

Research areas

  • Students’ historical thinking
  • Students’ geographical thinking
  • Teachers’ development of pedagogical content knowledge
  • Differentiated practices in HASS
  • International comparative studies in sustainability education
  • Human rights education
  • Students’ engagement in civics and citizenship education
  • Learning in museums and other cultural organisations
  • Teachers’ professional development
  • HASS teachers’ professional development in literacy
  • Technology in HASS education: teaching, learning and assessment
  • Values in HASS education
  • Global education
  • Integrated curriculum and inquiry based learning approaches