Casual Academic Opportunities

The Melbourne Graduate School of Education offers casual academic appointments throughout the year.  This page contains information about the hiring of casual tutors as well as general casual academic conditions and processes in the Melbourne Graduate School of Education

Summary of roles in Professional Experience [PDF]

2019 Semester 2 subjects

Application open: 5 June 2019, 12am

Application close: 17 June 2019, 11:59pm

To apply for available positions select 'Apply Now' and create a user account in the Casual Tutor Recruitment System (CTRS). Through the CTRS you will be able to upload your credentials and select the subjects for which you would like to be considered. Your application must be lodged through the CTRS to be considered. For more information please see CTRS user guides below.

Please note: It is expected that the majority of applicants will receive an outcome within the timeframe listed in the 'Outcome notification' section of the table above. In some cases, because these positions are dependent on student enrolments, applicants may not receive a final notification until the teaching start date for the teaching period.

Late applications will not be accepted unless an exceptional circumstance arises based on a school's requirements. All casual academic staff selected need to have applied formally.

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Subject Name

Academic Contact

EDUC10049 Creative Projects – Digital Technologies

Andrew Swainston

EDUC10059 Performance, Potential and Development

Lara Mossmann

EDUC20074 Positive Communities and Organisations

Gavin Slemp

EDUC20080 School Experience as Breadth

Daniela Acquaro

EDUC30073 Sport, Leadership and the Community

Anna Krohn

EDUC90221 Consultation in Educational Settings

Vicki Mckenzie

EDUC90228 Development and Differences

Terry Bowles

EDUC90258 Student Wellbeing: Current Approaches


EDUC90260 IB PYP Advanced


EDUC90261 Curriculum Frameworks in the IB PYP

Harry Galatis

EDUC90278 Learners and Learning Difficulties

Lisa Mckay-Brown

EDUC90330 IB DP Advanced

Pip Robinson

EDUC90332 Curriculum Frameworks in the IB DP

Julie Mitchell

EDUC90333 Introduction to the IB

Nicky Dulfer

EDUC90377 Advanced English Literacies

Annemaree O’Brien

EDUC90422 Foundations of English Teaching

Alex Bacalja

EDUC90442 Learning Area Health 2

Katherine Jones

EDUC90468 Learning Area Physical Education 2

Jenny Brown

EDUC90490 Negotiated Project (International)

Nicky Dulfer

EDUC90620 Research Methods in Education

Jenny Chesters

EDUC90630 Relationship Skills for Educators 2

Annie Gowing

EDUC90727 Teaching Global Perspectives

Licho Lopez Lopez

EDUC90756 Using Data To Build Learning Pathways

Lisa Mckay-Brown

EDUC90758 Researching Education Practice (SEC)

Jessica Gerrard

EDUC90788 Applications of Positive Psychology

Paige Williams

EDUC90790 Capstone in Positive Psychology

Peggy Kern

EDUC90828 Clinical Teaching and Learning

Narelle English

EDUC90830 The Student as Learner

Matt Harrison

EDUC90892 Clinical Teaching Practice (EC) 1

EDUC90893 Clinical Teaching Practice (EC) 2

EDUC90894 Clinical Teaching Practice (EC) 3

Edith Nicolas

EDUC90906 Integrating Language & Clinical Practice

Amanda Burritt

EDUC90909 Clinical Teaching Practice (Sec) 2

Linda Gawne

EDUC90926 Researching Education Practice

Amelia Church

EDUC90937 International Issues in Arts Education

Neryl Jeanneret

EDUC90952 Informal Science Communication

Hayley Bridgwood

EDUC90964 Learning Area Environmental Science 2

Hayley Bridgwood

EDUC90969 IB MYP Advanced


EDUC90971 Teaching in, through and across the Arts

Jane Bird

EDUC90978 Clinical Teaching Capstone

Suzanne Rice

EDUC90988 Clinical Teaching Practice (EC&P) 2

Bree Hurn

EDUC90989 Capstone Professional Project

Jenny Chesters

MGMT90117 External Quality Assurance

Gwilym Croucher

CTRS user guides

Position descriptions

Tutor activities

  • Delivery of tutorials
  • Look at draft assessment and plans
  • Marking of assessment tasks and exams
  • Delivery of student consultations
  • Email correspondence and basic administration directly associated with each tutorial (entering results, taking attendance etc)
  • Communication with Subject Coordinators

Tutors are not paid to:

  • Engage in detailed email exchanges
  • Use tutorial time to repeat material covered in lectures
  • Carry out any of the activities listed below in Subject Coordinator activities

Subject Coordinator / Sessional Coordinator activities

  • Coordination and preparation of reading material
  • Updating of the LMS site
  • Design of appropriate assessment tasks and submission due dates
  • Design of tutorial reading program to support lecture content
  • Communication with students regarding questions or feedback about lecture content
  • Supervision of tutors: providing clear instructions for tutors on reading materials, assessment tasks and assessment policies.
  • Approval of timecards (where required)
  • Coordination of assessment and timely submission of results (includes verification of entered results)
  • Writing of exams and supplementary exams as required
  • Any other administrative matters

Download position description [PDF]


  • Accounts and passwords: activate up your email using the Identity management system
  • Themis timecards
  • Casual pay dates
  • After Hours Building Access: Please note that after-hours building access is not generally provided to casual academic staff. All after-hours access requests must be endorsed by the School and is only provided if absolutely necessary
  • Occupational Health and Safety Induction: Online TrainME training
  • The University of Melbourne requires all casual staff to complete a 30-minute online module Casual Employees Compliance Training. Sessional tutors can claim payment of 0.5 hours at the 'other academic activity' rate upon submission of their certificate to their supervisor.
  • Desk Space: MGSE will provide Casual Academics with designated hot-desk office space. Please contact Pina Failla on ext. 40970 for further details
  • Stationery: MGSE will provide Casual Academics with stationary.
  • Staff cards: Obtain or update a staff ID card


For application process or technical support using CTRS please email MGSE HR on