Research briefs

Issue number 01 | August 2019 | REEaCh Research Brief: Interactions Matters: Improving the quality of educator-child interactions

Issue number 02 | August 2019 | REEaCh Research Brief: Interactions  Matter: Increasing the frequency of educator-child interactions

Issue number 03 | July 2020 | REEaCh Practice Brief: Using data to inform ECEC practice: Australian Early Development Census (PDF, 1.37MB)

Issue number 04 I May 2021 I REEaCh  Research Brief: Building a bridge to support the early learning of Aboriginal children in remote Northern Territory communities

Issue number 05 I  November 2021 I REEaCh REsearch Brief: Challenges and supports for educator wellbeing: perspectives of early childhood educators during COVID-19

Issue number 06  I  November 2021 I REEaCh Policy Brief: Implementing 3a in communities across the Northern Territory to support the early learning of Aboriginal children

Issue number 07 I December 2021 I REEaCh Research Brief: Learning at museums: Excursions and outreach programs for early childhood education

Issue number 08 I August 2022 I REEaCh Research Brief: Research Priorities of Early Childhood Professionals

Issue number 09 I  October 2022 I REEaCh Practice Brief: Supporting  educator wellbeing and family engagement

Issue number 10 I April 2023 I  REEaCh Research Brief: Capitalising on opportunities for children’s learning